Reducing Leaks – Annual Cost Savings Calculator

Leaks are an unfortunate but common problem in compressed air distribution systems. Typically, the energy requirements served by a CA system are discontinuous in nature; while leaks are persistent. The cost of leaks can be quite shocking, so it’s important to discover and reduce them as soon as possible.

Before taking further action, it is important to benchmark the current system and calculate the leakage rate. it’s possible to easily determine leakage rate with acceptable accuracy during non-production hours using different approaches. One of them is the assessment of Monitoring & Targeting (M&T) data (if present) or through manual logging of pressure indicator readings in the distribution network and some quick calculations. Below is a FREE calculator to easily calculate the annual cost savings for your compressed air system.

During non-production hours run a Load/unload compressor to maintain system pressure. It should cycle from load to unload and so forth to keep up with leak demand (the only demand during non-production hours.) Take at least 5 consecutive measurements of loaded times and unloaded times to measure a reliable average.

If measurements of compressor load/unload times are not practical for you then a simple benchmark calculation based on Europe industry averages can be done using the Leak Rate Benchmark Calculator.

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